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“Consistent only by their brilliance… Great to see three performers who have gained such acclaim as individuals produce something of this quality together. One of the best sketch shows out.”
Niger Asije, NEW CURRENT 2011

“A spectacular triumph… The writing is of top quality throughout. The show moves at breakneck speed and is crammed with great ideas with sketches ranging from witty to crude, surreal and silly; but they’re almost always inventive and clever. Everyone in the audience seems to enjoy the show, including a chortling Daniel Kitson, whose high-pitched giggle punctuates the entirety of the performance. If you don’t trust my opinion, take his word for it and go see Jigsaw.”
Rupert Uzzell, SPOONFED 2011

“Once Jigsaw colonise the stage there is barely time for reflection. Their rampant, oft-surreal succession of express but well-developed sketches showcases the lively chemistry and fluid choreography among our comical troika, with a string of variously likeable and absurd characters.” 

Nicola Meighan, THE LIST 2011

“Sigh-inducingly satisfying… packed with gags… Their rapport is natural and infectious… a very funny and consistently high-quality show. It’s often silly, but the writing is very smart indeed.”
Anna Lowman,

“Jigsaw is a fantastic sketch supergroup… This powerful trio have put together a rather wonderful, quickfire, surreal sketch show. The performances are great, the humour is off-kilter and unpredictable with a rapid turnover of ideas… Fun!”
Jim Holland, LATEST SEVEN 2011

“A supergroup… they have made the transition into this new genre with aplomb… the trio piece together a weird and unpredictable beast”
Catherine Sylvain, FEST 2011

“A trio that fits perfectly together… Timing was impeccable with the performers barely pausing for breath between scenes. Simultaneously adult and innocent, their ability to bound between sketches gives the show its light childlike quality. Simple, energetic fun. These three rule!” 


“Jigsaw is not just silly, but breathlessly so, combining the tireless energy of the new with the experience of three intelligent performers who don’t take themselves too seriously. A rarer commodity in comedy than you might think… There’s an unforced chemistry to the writing as well as the performances… You might not remember all the jokes but you leave with the sort of achey abdomen you got after catching the giggles in school assembly. Few fringe hours pass quicker.”
Nancy Groves, WHAT’S ON STAGE

“Wow, Jigsaw is fast. This show must contain the highest sketch-to-minute ratio at the Fringe this year. Effective and relentless in their construction of sketches… A confident and exciting mastery of the form, producing some of the best belly laughs at this year’s fringe. See it when you think you’ve had enough of sketch comedy – trust me, you haven’t.”
Jorik Mol, FRINGE REVIEW 2011

“Insanely witty… These three didn’t need much more than two stools to create a great balance between a stand-up show and a sketch set. If you’re tired of watching people on stage try too hard, check out this show: these guys are just naturally funny.”

Taylor Wallace, THREE WEEKS

“More than 40 sketches packed into an hour… Jigsaw has the pleasing feeling of three comics throwing all their best ideas at you – and the vast majority of it works. Formed recently, they’ve already got the chemistry you want from a sketch group… This is light-hearted, gleeful comedy that delights in its own informality… I’d be up for a second date because the time really flew by.”

Paul Fleckney, EDINBURGH IS FUNNY 2011

“Full-pelt sketch comedy from performers who radiate enjoyment and ease with a crowd… Makes The Fast Show look languid.” 

Brian Logan, GUARDIAN 2011